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Welcome to the film gallery where love is captured in motion. Click on an image or a title to see the film in Vimeo. Every story is unique and I want to capture every minute of it. How will your story look?


"The house you build together on this foundation will be beautiful and precious. Though it may need maintenance at times, and work, and additions, and redecorating; until one day it is totally unique, and lived in, and unquestionably yours."

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This shoot gave me New York State of Mind vibes. If you love New York style fashion meets St. Louis; this one's for you.


Love is playful, love is kind. Brian + Chinying have no pretense about them. They are utterly themselves. They are not afraid to be silly and wild and fun. I had a blast running around with these two.

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"For this reason, a man shall leave his father and mother and the two shall become one flesh" Tanner and Lauren pledged to live their lives for each other and, to bind themselves to each other.


Love begins with friendship and marriage is a lifelong friendship for Megan and Adam. Walking arm in are throughout the day, they were practically inseparable, ready to spend every day with each other; buddies for life.

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A love story set to poetry; Nick and Lyndsay had such a strong connection. Their eyes said it all. From the record cake table to the mustard gown, this shoot was one of a kind. It was modern yet vintage, warm and yet utterly cool. Thanks to the amazing vendors who pulled all this together, it was an honor working with you.


Trenton and Abbey are not only the coolest couple (he's an audio engineer and she's a hair/makeup artist), but they are so in love. This was a styled shoot by Blue Bicycle Weddings, but it felt like the real deal because it was their 1 year anniversary. They danced and laughed together beside the gorgeous cliffs and lake of Klondike Park in Augusta Missouri.

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